Christian Kerschbaum
Attorney at Law and Specialist Attorney for IT-Law

Christian Kerschbaum is an attorney at law and a specialist attorney for information technology law (IT-Law). He is a name partner in the law firm AUVIT Attorneys - Pfleger, Rolle & Kerschbaum in Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany.  

Attorney Kerschbaum has been a speaker at national and international conferences for more than 10 years, such as the Domainfest 2007 in Amsterdam ("Legal Risks and Specifics registering .de domains") or the Domainpulse 2015 in Berlin ("DENIC between the stools? Domain owners, trademark owners and registrars").

Gaming Law - Developments in law and technology
2nd Nuremberg IT-Law Day on 06/29/2018
  • Bits, bytes and bots in court - Current case law in focus
  • Eeny meeny miny moe - Account suspensions under review
  • Play with me! Let's Players under attack
  • Big game hunting with mobile phones - Who owns the virtual space?
UAVs - Legal protection from the bird's eye view
2nd Nuremberg IT-Law Day on 06/29/2018
  • The limits of panoramic freedom
  • UAVs as paparazzi?
  • Self-defense against UAVs? Personal rights and data protection
  • Too young to fly? Requirements for "UAV pilots"
"Autonomous" driving and the legal barriers - An intersection between Traffic Law and IT-Law
Specialist Attorney Seminar Traffic Law on 10/19/2018
  • The transparent driver - Is data protection being left behind?
  • Say goodbye to microsleep? Liability for automated driving
  • My car has ratted me out - The black box as a control authority?
  • Traffic law in crisis - Will the specialist attorney for traffic law die out?
Speaking Engagements
Launch of the .eu TLD
Domainvermarkterforum 2006 in Munich
Legal Risks and Specifics registering .de-Domains (in English)
Domainfest 2007 in Amsterdam

Report on

Ask the Legal Experts

  • Richard Lau (Registrar Agreements and Domain Security)
  • Paul Keating (Domain-Portfolios - Trademarks and Risks)
  • Dr. John Berryhill (State of the Domain Industry)
  • Christian Kerschbaum (Legal Risks and Specifics registering .de-Domains)
New developments in domain law
Domainvermarkterforum 2008 in Berlin
New TLDs: Threat to premium .de domains?
Domainvermarkterforum 2009 in Cologne

Report on

A discussion with Sabine Dolderer, Board of Directors, DENIC eG

No lobby for domainers?
Domainvermarkterforum 2009 in Cologne

Open discussion

Admin-C - How far do obligations and liability for .de domains go?
Domainvermarkterforum 2010 in Munich

Discussion (as moderator) i.a. with Stephan Welzel, Chief Legal Counsel, DENIC eG

European Legal Issues Impacting Domain Investors (in English)
Domainfest 2010 in Prague

Report on

  • Paul Keating
  • Dr. John Berryhill
  • Christian Kerschbaum
Data protection and legal risks on the Internet
Economic Juniors Club Rottal-Inn
TYPO3 - What rights and obligations do I have as a developer/agency?
TYPO3camp Regensburg 2013
What rights and obligations do I have as a developer?
eCommerceCamp Jena 2014
DENIC between the stools? Domain owners, trademark owners and registrars
Domainpulse 2015 in Berlin

Lecture video

Discussion i.a. with Stephan Welzel, Chief Legal Counsel, DENIC eG

Vouchers - Legal pitfalls and fundamentals
Voucher Summit 2016 in Regensburg
The specifics of copyright proceedings from an IT legal point of view by the example of the file sharing process
1st Nuremberg IT-Law Day


    • Secondary burden of presentation in case law and practice, correct presentation and avoidable errors
    • Order for permission of discovery and exclusion of evidence in copyright proceedings
    • Expert opinions, proper investigation,"tactical" contestations and cost traps
    • Settlement, formalities, multisettlement and extension to third parties